BFA at the House of Parliamemt

MPs discuss economic impact of franchising

At a recent meeting held at the Houses of Parliament, franchise sector leaders met with 30 MPs from the UK to discuss the economic impact of franchising through sustainable business growth, new business start-ups and job creation. (more…)


Your franchise is worth more than you think

“A lot of franchisors may be missing a trick when it comes to realising the full value of their businesses,” says Heather Lycett, Managing Director of Blue Concept, a young and growing licensing consultancy. (more…)


British Franchise Directory & Guide 2012

This directory is essential for newcomers to UK franchising, whether a prospective franchisee or franchisor. It lists more than 1,300 franchises now trading in Britain, and includes articles by the leading franchise specialists in business consultancy, the law and the banks. (more…)