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WildchildLynda Regan and her husband, Kieran, a sports coach, are franchising their business, Wildchild, which provides adventure, sports and creative activities for children.

They launched the business at St. Albans four years ago when Lynda was looking for activities for her sons, then aged eight and five. “I was uninspired and unimpressed by what was out there,” she recalled. “I wanted professionally-run, non-traditional, innovative, active and imaginative stuff which my sons would immediately identify with. It turned out I wasn’t alone as other parents were also casting around for something different. Having spotted such a gaping whole in the market I promptly set about plugging it.

“Why is Wildchild so different?,” she continued: “It is probably because everything we do is from the kids’ perspective and I don’t hesitate to use my sons for valuable input.

Wildchild lads“We aim to appeal to all children. Those who love sport, and those who don’t. Those who can’t wait to orienteer and zip-wire in the woods.
“Those who are thrilled to discover archery or skateboarding, and budding Disneys who yearn to learn how to make their own animated films, and those with a fascination for fashion.”

“What unites all the activities is that they are about self-esteem and the discovery of hitherto unsuspected talents. We teach children how important and rewarding it is to be part of a team.

“We show natural leaders how to pause, value and respect quieter individuals for their skills which may not always be immediately obvious, but proves invaluable when a group is working together. These sort of experiences teach lessons that don’t fade and are taken forward into the future.”

Wildchild, which calls for an investment of £17,995, is looking for franchisees, probably with a sports, coaching or personal developmet background who want a full-time yet flexible, proven system. “They should love the Wildchild way of thinking, hate the idea of sitting in an office and  managing, relish the idea of being out   and about, and like the sound of changing their whole rhythm of life,” added Lynda.

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