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LawnscienceUnrivalled support and individually tailored territories set the Lawnscience franchise head and shoulders above the rest!

We provide our customers with an annual program of treatments after a technical review of their lawn is undertaken. The program consists of regular treatments such as weed control and fertilisation and additional treatments such as scarification and aeration which is carried out throughout the year.

We continually monitor and assess our customer’s lawns so we can identify any existing problems or future threats to the well being of the lawn. We can then offer additional preventative and curative treatments to avoid any serious long lasting damage.

Because we provide the most extensive range of professional treatments there are very few lawns that are beyond redemption, so even the worst lawns will quickly benefit from our treatment programs. Our customers are loyal and we are highly recommended, therefore a high volume of our business comes from referrals, providing our franchisees with a solid customer base that continually grows.

Lawnscience 2Your individually created territory
Key to the success of your business will be your protected territory. Lawnscience do not allocate pre-defined territories, instead we will work with you to create your individual territory based upon your location in order that you will have the optimal base for your new business.

What training will you receive?
At Lawnscience we are totally committed to training, development and ongoing support. Our training programme is the most comprehensive in UK lawn care and is 50% longer than the industry standard, ensuring that your are positioned as the leader in your area. We will work at your pace and remain on each topic are until we are sure that you have a full understanding.

The three week training programme is a mixture of theory and practical and covers the following areas:

■      Pre-course work book

Business syllabus

  • Establishing your new business
  • Dealing with accountants and other professionals
  • Accounting

Marketing syllabus

  • Sales and Marketing basics
  • Creating your marketing plan
  • Executing your marketing plan
  • Customer communication

Lawnscience 3Technical syllabus

  • Treatments and treatment programs
  • Weed identification and treatment
  • Moss identification and treatment
  • Disease identification and treatment
  • Lawn pest identification and treatment
  • NPTC certification
  • Lawn fertilisation application
  • Knapsack application
  • Scarification, seeding and top dressing
  • Aeration
  • Plant botany
  • Material handling and storage
  • Machinery maintenance
  • Health and safety
  • System operation

Ongoing support
Your development is continually monitored and reviewed and regular top up training is provided throughout the year giving you support where you need it most – in front of the customer.

Franchisees also work closely together sharing ideas, and help to develop the Lawnscience brand as much as possible. One of the reasons why our franchisees are so successful is because of the strong network that we thrive to develop within Lawnscience.

We offer unlimited support to all franchisees, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It is far easier to address a problem as soon as it happens, rather than allow it to develop and become more serious, solving issues quickly and affecting business less.

Lawnscience launch packageMarketing
The marketing of  your business is key to your success, that’s why Lawnscience leads the industry in providing over £8,000 worth of marketing support in your first year and up to £5,000 in your second year. If people are not aware of the service you provide, you simply do not have a business. We have developed, and constantly refine the most sophisticated marketing systems available in UK lawn care and this will give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Marketing is a fundamental element to the training course, so if you don’t have any experience in these areas, don’t worry. We will guide you through the process, helping you develop and implement a marketing plan throughout the year.

Our systems
Efficient, effective computerised systems are essential if you are to create and grow your business profitably. The Lawnscience system was created by the world’s leading software developer for lawn care businesses. It has many advantages over cheaper ‘home grown’ systems. Take the time to see for yourself, it will make growing your business much easier.

The franchise package gives you everything you need to start your build your customer base so you will not need to worry about the time consuming set up tasks that inevitably come with a new business. The package includes the following:

  • Individually created, protected territory
  • Franchise license
  • Three week training program and ongoing 24/7 support
  • Business launch and PR campaign, worth over £8,000
  • Equipment and materials
  • Deposit on sign written Peugeot expert van
  • Bespoke scheduling and invoicing software (1st stage purchase)
  • Stationery pack including personalised letterhead and business cards
  • Lawnscience uniform
  • Personal protective equipment
  • 100,000 protected territory

Total cost: £18,995 (plus VAT)

Our royalty fees are among the lowest of any comparable lawn care franchise. Starting at 9% of turnover and reducing by approximately a third making them by far the lowest in UK lawn care.

If you are motivated, willing to work hard and have the enthusiasm and determination to succeed, then Lawnscience will give you the opportunity for a fresh start. If you are new to running a business we will support you every step of the way, helping you to create a work/lifestyle balance that is right for you and your family.

The work gives you a tremendous sense of freedom that you can only get from working outdoors. There is nothing more satisfying than treating somebody’s lawn on a beautiful summer’s day breathing in the fresh air and seeing the results of your work.

We strongly recommend that you start your business as a ‘man and a van’ operation, this will give you the perfect opportunity to establish yourself as a lawn care professional in your area and to build confidence in all areas of the business. As your customer base grows you may want to take on some staff and further vans to expand your business to become a management franchise. The sky really is the limit but ultimately you decide the size of your business and the profit it will generate.

All Lawnscience territories are individually created for each franchisee putting them at the centre of their business. We have territories available throughout the UK and Ireland.

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