IMSM franchise – ISO consultancy

IMSM franchiseAbout Us
The IMSM franchise are seeking individuals who wish to build a sustainable income through long term business relationships with their clients. Previous experience within our industry is not necessary as our training and ongoing support will ensure that you are fully equipped to carry out the role. Our comprehensive launch package will also provide you with everything that you need to get started.

IMSM was founded in 1994 and has since grown to become an international market leader in the provision and implementation of a wide range of management systems. These systems encompass quality, environmental, health & safety, information security and business continuity to name but a few. As an IMSM franchise owner you will benefit from our reputation for Quality, Professionalism and Integrity. We have gained recognition as one of the foremost independent international standards practitioners in the world through the focus of added value and a common sense approach.

About ISO Certifications
The term ISO stands for The International Organization for Standardization which was founded in 1947 and is based in Geneva Switzerland. It is a global, non-governmental standard setting body composed of representatives from various national Standards Organizations. Its purpose is to agree sets of worldwide standards as a means of defining set criteria not only for specific management systems throughout a wide variety of organizations but also for everything from technological connections to ink colouring. As an IMSM franchisee you will discover that almost all businesses within your territory have the potential to utilise your service.

Your Role
As an IMSM franchisee you will be responsible for evaluating the existing management systems in operation within your client’s businesses. Our training will allow you to assess where the current systems need updating or improving and you will work on devising these changes, documenting them within the relevant operations manuals and implementing them with the individual client’s management teams and staff working with your clients in order that they gain ISO Certification. The client relationship continues with the need for annual audits in order to maintain their Certification. Your role helps clients improve their working practices leading to a measurable increase in profitability.

Our Launch/Support Package

  • Comprehensive training both at our Head Office and within your territory
  • Qualified, pre-booked appointments
  • Ongoing lead generation/secured business  facility
  • Central Billing
  • HO Client Credit Control
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Marketing Materials
  • Local launch Advertising
  • Stationery
  • Training Accommodation

The IMSM Franchisee Profile
As previously stated, it is not necessary that you should have had previous experience within Quality Management. It is likely that you will have experience within a ‘white collar’ business environment with a successful track record of securing and sustaining long term business relationships with clients.

Key characteristics found in an IMSM Franchisee include:

  • Self Motivation
  • A desire to build a sustainable business
  • An aptitude for problem solving
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • A developed attention to detail
  • A willingness to follow a proven successful system

Your Next Step
You can never truly understand the variety and opportunities offered by owning an IMSM franchise from text on a page. That is why the next step is to talk to us. We will always be open and transparent in our dealings with you. We recognise that investing in a franchise is a major decision for you. Granting you the rights to operate under our brand is a major decision for us. Our aim is not to ‘sell you a franchise’ but to ensure that we are both making the right choice of partner.

Initial fee – £25,000 plus VAT.