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DublcheckGuaranteed turnover

With Dublcheck’s 20-year track record of getting sales for franchisees, this is your opportunity to join the multi-billion pound cleaning industry.

Dublcheck is the franchise where you don’t need to do any selling, unless you want to, because Dublcheck obtains all the business for franchisees, so they know exactly what turnover they are going to achieve. This enables franchisees to concentrate on looking after their customers and building strong relationships, instead of wondering where the sales are going to come from.

“It’s like a brick building business – once you have one contract then the next, and so on, you keep building and you know exactly what you are going to invoice every month,” says Carol Stewart-Gill (below), founder and chairman of Dublcheck.

Carol Stewart-GillMost people ask:

  • Where will my business come from?
  • How much will I make?
  • How big can I grow?

Dublcheck has all the answers:

  • Guaranteed turnover.
  • Guaranteed profit.
  • Guaranteed growth.

New franchisees choose a guaranteed initial turnover, benefit from the security of a guaranteed gross profit and are secure in the knowledge that they have the choice of a guaranteed growth option to meet their ambitions when they are ready.

Benefits of Dublcheck are:

  • Low-cost entry.
  • Invoicing and cash collection.
  • Recession-proof utility business.
  • Rapid return on investment.
  • Low overhead requirement.
  • Feeling part of a team.
  • Training and ongoing support from head office.
  • A mentor franchisee to guide and assist.

Dublcheck accreditationDublcheck, founded in 1993 and one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, according to The Sunday Times and Virgin Fasttrack 100, is clearly the real deal in an industry full of imitators who fail to deliver.

Carol Stewart-Gill still has a very active day-to-day role. “It’s not easy running any business,” she says. “To be successful requires hard work and commitment, and if you put the effort in and follow the system, with Dublcheck the rewards are there.”

The UK commercial cleaning sector is worth more than £3 billion and Dublcheck has seen a substantial increase in turnover in the current ‘doom and gloom’ economic climate. Why? Because everywhere you look buildings need cleaning. The Dublcheck system puts its new franchise owners on the road to success by actually getting the business for them. Commercial cleaning is one of the best industries to join as a franchisee because the market is more robust and recession resistant than many others due to the fact the build-up of dirt never stops and every building, office and shop needs cleaning regularly.

Dublcheck has over 100 franchisees and is looking for more capable and motivated people to join the national network and benefit from the proven and successful business model.

You can start with a minimum turnover package of £14,400 per annum if you want to run your business and start small while retaining the security of your current job, or you can purchase up to £500,000 of annual turnover (with no upper limit) if you want to run a substantial managed business.

For your initial investment you will receive an initial training course, ongoing training and support, access to branded uniforms, sales and marketing tools, and stationery. All invoicing and cash collection is managed electronically by Dublcheck, allowing the franchise owner to concentrate on developing lasting client relationships.

Success story
Says franchisee Ann Moya: “Operating a Dublcheck cleaning franchise has enabled me to take control of my working life and create a better work-life balance, which I am very passionate about.

“Getting the business up and running requires hard work, dedication and a ‘can do’ attitude. However, once the right staff members are in place, this business allows a certain amount of freedom in that it allows the business operator to have more freedom of time than if they were in full-time employment.

“The main benefit of working with Dublcheck is that they find the contracts for you, which is great if you don’t consider yourself a natural sales person, and all invoice are sent to my customers via the head office team, leaving me to concentrate on other areas of my business. They are always on hard to offer support, when needed, so I have never felt alone while running the business.”

Further franchisee endorsements

Stuart, previously a self-employed salesman, joined on a Guaranteed Turnover Package of £24,000 per annum which quadrupled in the first twelve months to £96,000 and he is now achieving £160,000. He said: “The Guaranteed Turnover appealed because it meant in the first few months I could focus on getting to grips with running the business and managing my staff instead of finding contracts. The best thing about being your own boss is that you are the architect of your own destiny.”

Larry, previously an accountant for a substantial national cleaning company, joined on an initial Guaranteed Turnover Package of £62,000 and after only two years is now turning over £250,000. “Having worked for a cleaning company as an accountant I wanted to run my own company but found it quite daunting and the Dublcheck team reassured me that if I follow the franchise model, I would be fine – and they were absolutely right, it works!”

Joanne, previously worked for the Bank of Scotland and started on a Guaranteed Turnover Package of £50,000 and is currently on £76,000. “Working in the financial services, I had a good  understanding of risk management and knew that franchising would provide me with the benefits of being my own boss but with lower risks.”

Graham commenced on an initial Guaranteed Turnover Package of £48,000 and built the business up to £400,000. “I sold by bussiness in June for four times my initial investment. I have enjoyed working with Dublcheck, a highly experienced franchisor. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

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