Castle and Pryor franchise – diamond drilling and cutting

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Castle and Pryor are a leading Diamond drilling and cutting company in the UK, with over 23 years of experience. We hold an enviable position in this sector of the construction industry as our brand is well established and highly reputable to construction companies and corporate business that require our expertise.

With a high demand for these services owning a successful Castle and Pryor franchise is very achievable with the comprehensive training and extensive support provided from the off-set and through-out what will be a long and profitable management venture. The launch of this new franchise is at a time when the construction industry is experiencing growth and increased profitability, as there is a substantial demand throughout the construction industry in the UK.

This successful business is experiencing unprecedented growth and the Castle and Pryor group are excited to be offering opportunities for an individual or partnership to take on a management focused franchise.

Diamond-Drilling-Services sliderWho are Castle and Pryor
Castle & Pryor was established in 1991 by the two principle Directors, Mark Castle and Graham Pryor. Both Mark and Graham identified the market changes in technology and the development of new initiatives that the diamond drilling and cutting industry was offering. They saw that the new development was exciting and clearly leading the way in technology, which was transforming the way the construction industry, was working. This philosophy has continued to today where both Mark and Graham are at the forefront of engaging with new technology and techniques to improve safety and efficiency in the diamond drilling, cutting and controlled demolition industries.

floor-sawing sliderWhat Castle and Pryor Give to Franchisees
As a business to business venture a franchisee will work under the well-respected banner of Castle and Pryor, your clients would range widely from construction companies, local authorities, airports, rail, utilities, schools, hospitals, prisons, MOD, highways, the list is endless. There are very few industries or construction projects that at some time wouldn’t always need your services.

At Castle & Pryor there are considered to be 3 main differentiators between our business and the competition, firstly we have a strict adherence to Health & Safety, protecting all our stakeholders; we use a professional HSE consultancy, where a franchisee would benefit from support and advice.

Secondly we deliver a high-level of integrity in the work that we complete, all franchisees will receive comprehensive training and support and lastly we have a highly trained and experienced senior management team with company longevity delivering a well organised and coordinated business.

3 vans men wavingHow to work with Castle and Pryor
Winning a Castle and Pryor franchise places you in the position to manage part of a growing and successful business, where, although you will receive practical training, you will also benefit in growing and managing your own business with the guidance and structure of senior executives within the diamond drilling and cutting sector. If you have an interest or passion within the DIY, construction or building arena and leadership and managerial skills then a Castle and Pryor franchise could be for you. Having a career in construction is not needed and in fact, a fresh approach and a new pair of eyes combined with a drive to succeed and work within an organised and co-ordinated support system is what’s really needed to ‘cut’ through any barriers and reach the heights of success.

Franchise investment starts at £17,500 with an expected contribution of £9,000. This contribution includes license fee, equipment, vehicle, livery,  health and safety certification, training, NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications), operations manuals, marketing launch campaign, literature, stationery, uniform, computer systems (hardware & software) and mobile. Everything needed to start your future business and with a potential turnover within 5 years of approximately £300,000 per annum a Castle and Pryor franchise offers an exciting business proposition.

Watch the video – the process in action

Diamond Drilling is a quiet and non-percussive way of forming holes and openings varying in size from 6.0 mm -1.200 mm in diameter, by using a wet or dry drilling technique precise holes can be made through all types of base materials.

There are various benefits of diamond drilling including the non-percussive nature of diamond drilling, which significantly reducing HAV’s (hand arm vibration). Diamond drilling is free from bursting and spoiling and requires little or no reinstatement work and delivers a clean environment by attaching water and dust controls. Diamond drilling forms holes where the size or shape is abnormal and can be performed in a variety of materials – reinforce concrete, mass concrete, brick masonry and block work.

For more Information please feel free to call on 01252 524080 and ask for Graham or Mark.