Camile Thai Kitchen franchise – online Thai restaurant

Camile Thai KitchenThe hot food online delivery restaurant sector (ODR’s) is showing strong growth in the UK and Ireland creating opportunities to develop a profitable business.

This growth is fuelled by internet savvy 25-44 year olds – the “facebook generation” – who are spending significant portions of their downtime engaging with social media on the internet. Increasing numbers are looking for the ultimate convenience – hot food delivered to the laptop – and choice.

Apart from pizza chains, no other cuisine of significance is represented in the branded hot food delivery businesses. Camile Thai Kitchen has developed a restaurant quality branded Thai home delivery business, to meet this growing and partially unsatisfied demand. Watch the video.

Introduction to the Camile Thai Kitchen franchise
Camile has been leading the innovation of the online restaurant delivery sector (ODR’s), in Thai cuisine since the start of 2010. We have developed six outlets in Dublin. We are now actively targeting the UK market, to position Camile as the dominant branded Thai food chain, concentrating on Greater London suburbia.

We focus on delivering hot Thai food for home consumption through a carefully selected menu, well presented outlets, consistent product offering, branded and packaged, served by uniformed delivery drivers trained as waiters on wheels. The food is of high quality and healthy – featuring authentic fresh herbs and spices – and locally sourced poultry, fish and meat. We invest from 5% of our sales to market the business both online and offline – and the company has built a strong following through social media.

Camile Thai KitchenWith the traditional independent takeaway format being so fractured, we do not see Camile as competing directly in that space. Rather, we promote Camile as a casual healthy restaurant that delivers. The Camile brand uses imagery reminiscent of 1920′s Shanghai and French Indochina – marrying French cuisine, sophistication and culture with the flavours and spices of Thailand. This recipe has proved popular with customers in Dublin, who pay a premium for the Camile food and experience.

Strong Customer Value Proposition
We are re-inventing the takeaway by breaking through the boundary separating the takeaway from casual restaurants. Camile delivers the quality of a restaurant experience to customers’ doors, without the restaurant price tag. The loyalty we have built with our customers comes as we deliver consistent quality Thai food, with a personal touch, locally. Camile is on a mission to attract new customers who traditionally do not shop in take-aways.

We differentiate our offering by:

  • Preparing restaurant quality food to order at affordable prices.
  • Speedily and conveniently delivering hot to the home within 45 minutes.
  • Consistent food and service with a well-developed menu of popular dishes.
  • Excellent customer service and continuous sales optimisation.
  • An authentic brand with real influences delivering a memorable experience.
  • Online ordering with central locations for collection.
  • Open kitchens for the customers to sample the theatre of the cooking.
  • Offering cookery classes in a live Camile working kitchen.
  • Creating an online community around, facebook!/CamileThai and Twitter @CamileThai

We continue to produce new ways of selling which appeals and develops the offer further from a traditional take-away. For example, Friday night is “Fresh Fish Night”, when we put on specials like fresh Monkfish in Green Curry sauce. Camile is totally focused on selling to this relatively tight demographic.

Large Market Opportunity
We are taking a traditional industry which lacks innovation and delivering a 21st century concept in a £10bn high growth market in the UK and Ireland. We believe there is an opportunity to build a new brand in the space. A number of factors support this proposition:

Firstly, Thai Food was the fastest growing sub-sector of Pan Asian food between 2005 and 2010. 30% of consumers tend to eat Thai food regularly with the value of the Thai food sector increasing by 16.4% over the past five years.

It is predicted that the fast-food and home-delivery sector will have grown to £11.86bn by 2015, up by 17.7% from 2011 and up by 42.3% from 2006. Another target area is the ready meal market which will grow by 20.8% between 2011 and 2015.

Other established food delivery chain companies have experienced growth of 10% in 2011 mainly due to the growing demand for convenience, and consumers trading-down from visits to mid and high-end restaurants to eating at fast food restaurants, dining at home or increasingly ordering-in or a takeaway.

Secondly, the high growth in home delivery, apart from pizza, is not currently supported by the development of new chains. The number one take-away food in the UK, fish and chips (and hamburgers, and deep fried food generally), is not always suitable for home delivery, as it does not hold well enough to ensure a quality product is delivered. Thai food – like pizza – holds well for up to 45 minutes, allowing a 10 minute cooking window, with a 20 minute slot for delivery, in an order to door target time of 30 minutes.

Thirdly, the experience of management in developing large scale businesses in both retail and food, particularly in the branded sandwich and coffee shop sector, both in Ireland and the UK.

Finally the track record of management and particularly of Brody Sweeney, in building successful franchise chains (Prontaprint and O’Brien’s), should prove attractive to prospective franchisees.

Applying for a franchise
Camile is committed to setting up and running the best supported and operated franchise partnership in the industry, and believes getting the basics right are the key. For that reason Camile will only invite applications from:

  • Hands on operators willing to devote their full time and attention to the Camile business.
  • Have relevant Management experience.
  • Have liquid assets of at least €110,000/£90,000.

For all questions relating to franchising, or to make an appointment you can:
Lo–call 0818 333 029 (Ireland) or 0844 544 7605 (UK)