Whether you’re thinking about going into business for yourself as a franchisee, or you’ve a successful business you would like to franchise, it would pay you to get to know the advantages and pitfalls of franchising. Take the advice of Britain’s top franchise specialists.

Franchise World magazineFranchise World magazine

Bi-monthly magazine
This is Britain’s longest-established and leading franchise news magazine for both franchisees and franchisors. It includes regular leading-edge articles on the issues of the day, the latest franchise launches (complementing the listings in the annual directory), and an important section giving details of franchises that are actively recruiting in a wide range of businesses.

Founded in 1978, the magazine is published bi-monthly. Appropriate issues include free tickets for a forthcoming British Franchise Association (BFA) supported franchise exhibition.
Annual subscription: UK £25; other countries: £40.

The easiest and least risky way to start your own business
A handy introduction to franchising for aspiring franchisees and franchisors
This guide, offers advice from major figures in the industry on such essential areas, for prospective franchisees, as the ethics of franchising, raising finance, assessing franchises, the benefit of buying a resale; and, for prospective franchisors, on turning a business into a franchise, the structures available, preparing operations manuals, setting fees and performance targets   for franchisees, and expanding internationally.

A particularly valuable section provides samples from a leading franchise lawyer, Mark Abell (Bird & Bird), of a conventional franchise agreement between the franchisor and franchisee, and an international master franchise agreement between the franchisor and an investor taking the franchise for an entire country, acting as a virtual franchisor.

The authors, in addition to Abell, are (alphabetically): Nicola Broadhurst (Stevens & Bolton), Brian Duckett (the Franchising Centre), Cathryn Hayes (formerly at HSBC Bank), Richard Holden (Lloyds Banking Group), Penny Hopkinson (Manual Writers International), Manzoor Ishani (Sherrards), Paul Monaghan (the Franchising Centre), Derrick Simpson (Franchise Resales), Brian Smart (BFA), Lorna Smith (HSBC Bank) and Chris Wormald (Fieldfisher).
UK £7.99; other countries: £11.99. Order online from the British Franchise Association

How to Franchise Your BusinessHow To Franchise Your Business – Grow your business by creating and managing  a franchised network
By Brian Duckett and Paul Monaghan
Two of Britain’s most experienced franchise consultants provide a practical step-by-step guide for businesses who want to consider franchising as a way of growing into a national or even multinational network.

As principals of Britain’s largest franchise consultancy, The Franchising Centre, they have called on their long experience of guiding hundreds of clients  successfully through the process of setting up and piloting their first franchise units through to establishing a UK network and in some cases going on to franchise internationally.

They point out that franchisors tend to be very open about how they operate and are happy to share their experiences of both the good and bad times. This has enabled the authors to produce a book that can help both prospective and practising franchisors at any stage in developing their system to avoid the heartaches and costly mistakes that can occur.
UK: £16.99; other countries £18.

Franchising ExposedFranchising Exposed
By Chris Gibson
Whether you are considering buying a franchise, or franchising your business, this book explains how to make the right decisions. It provides essential advice for franchisees and franchisors so both sides can understand how to get the best from the franchise partnership.

Chris Gibson has been at the forefront of the global franchise industry for over 10 years. There isn’t anything he doesn’t know about operating a successful franchise business, or what those thinking about buying a franchise should consider.

“I have known Chris for many years and his book contains very practical tips for franchisees and franchisors, all gained from first hand experience.” – Mark Scott, director of franchise development, NatWest/RBS franchise team.
UK: £13.99; other countries £18.

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