The journey of an ActionCOACH franchisee

Joanna Dileto

Joanna Dileto

Joanna Dileto was at a pivotal point in her life when she found ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching franchise.

Just over six months into her journey as a franchise partner, she explains her experiences and motivations.

“During my 12-year career in investment banking, I had got married and had two children whilst working 12-hour days. I was well aware that sacrificing time with my family was far too big a price to pay.

“I had a wake-up call in 2013, which led to my marriage ending a year later. I knew that this huge, life-changing decision was still not enough and that by 2015 I had to  have made another big change to find happiness through my own personal fulfilment.

“I had to be doing something different to spend more time with my family – I had to invest in us.

Brad Sugars' seminars

Brad Sugars’ seminars

“In October 2014, the lightning bolt hit. I went to Brad Sugars’ seminar and, on the spot, I was hugely inspired and I knew that this was my calling. It was a catalyst for changing my life for the better

“I hadn’t been looking to start my own business or buy a franchise but my gut feeling said that ActionCOACH was what I had been looking for to make that change.

“On 22nd June 2015, I attended two weeks of ActionCOACH University. I went there as my old self and came out on a new journey to become an Action Business Coach, ready to take on my new business.

“In July I started my ActionCOACH business in Hertfordshire. I won my first client in just three weeks. Three months in and I had four clients through a mixture of business development strategies suggested by the franchise support team.

“I have three strategic alliances where I will be running Business Growth workshops with their clients and referrals. I have also used ActionCOACH’s Chesterfield client generation centre to bring in two clients. I build relationships with their marketing team which includes Jon Asquith, a former BFA Franchisee of the Year finalist, and his dedicated team.

“Following the ActionCOACH franchise system is another reason why my business has taken off so quickly. I like following systems and I think the support from the franchise team is excellent.

“John Cottrell is my coach’s coach and I work with him every month on developing my business, developing my coaching skills and, more importantly, developing me personally to become a better me for my family and my clients.

“And as for Julie Wagstaff, co-founder of ActionCOACH in the UK, she is a fantastic support along with the rest of the team in head office – they all have a smile in their voice whenever I call!”

Work-life balance
“On a personal note, the perceived risk I took to leave my job in banking and start a business has paid off almost immediately. My work-life balance changed overnight. I can now take my kids to school and pick them up because I choose to work 9am-3pm Monday to Friday.

“The first three months were stressful but that was expected. What I didn’t expect was to bank £5,000 in my third month of operation, reach my goal of £10,000 client income in month five, and how great a feeling it is to know that my clients are already benefiting way more!

“There is a famous quote from business coach and author Tony Gaskins: ‘Don’t chase love, fame or success. Become the best version of yourself and those things will chase you’. I banked on myself and embraced personal development. ActionCOACH is already changing my life for the better and the investment was worth every single penny. The whole team deserve all their successes.”

If you would like to invest in yourself like Joanna, then you can find out more about ActionCOACH by calling 01284 701 648 or watch the opportunity overview video at