USEafranchise is back with a bang!

The newly revamped version of the consumer facing portal is back with a vengeance. With a host of new features, benefits and articles, the revised site promises to shout out the ‘use a franchise’ message to the UK population.

All of the 1,400 brands operating in the UK today are listed online in an easy to find format within numerous industry sectors.

Franchisors are currently being invited to add a Profile page to the site to tell consumers what product, service or trade they offer the public at large. The primary objective with phase one of the new launch is simple … tell the public what you and your franchisees do!

And with recent surveys suggesting that, given the choice, consumers prefer to avail themselves to franchised offerings, it makes perfect sense for all franchisors to have a strong presence on the new-look site.

As an alternative to having a profile page franchisors may prefer a link to their own website.

Making the populous aware of the numerous brands in the UK that are operating as franchises can only be a good thing. Many thousands of consumers avail themselves to products, trades and services of franchised brands every day and are completely oblivious to the fact that they are doing so! Having one central information portal which shows consumers which brands are franchised is long overdue.

UseAFranchiseAnd how’s this for some forward thinking … the next person to use a franchised outlet is probably somebody who just has! That’s assuming, of course, that they know which brands are franchises in the first place. Why would a consumer take the risk of using an independent operator in any given sector if a franchise has provided an exceptionally professional buying experience?

On a similar tack, there’s also a very strong possibility that franchisors will be inclined to use the services or buy products from other franchises if they, in turn, knew about other franchise offerings?

It simply makes sense, doesn’t it, to keep spending within the franchise fraternity rather than fuel the bank accounts of the independent operator?

Why not take a browse today … … and see how many brands you recognise as a franchisor! You may even like the idea of listing your franchisees, more about that side of things to follow.

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