Moreland Insurance Brokers and the British Franchise Association announce new partnership

Moreland Insurance Brokers, a highly recognised independent insurance specialist, has announced an important new partnership with the British Franchise Association (BFA), as part of a new BFA Brand Partnership initiative.

The strategic relationship means that Moreland, a member of the Willis Commercial Network, one of the world’s largest insurance intermediaries, will be able to offer new, exclusive benefits to members of the BFA in recognition of their dedication to, and investment in, ethical franchising.

The company specialises in products and packages tailored to the unique requirements of both franchisees and franchisors, with innovative polices recognising the specialised risk in franchising.

Maurice LogieMaurice Logie (right), owner and director of Moreland, said: “Franchising has always been of great interest to me. We have supported the industry for many years and have done all we can to get behind important activities such as the BFA’s Scottish Franchise Week.”

“The sector represents tenacity and stability – attributes which are attractive to our key partners in the insurance industry – and this new relationship with the bfa enables us to enhance our previous work in the industry and demonstrate our long term commitment.”

The partnership, part of a strategic drive by the bfa to engage with suppliers to the sector, will see Moreland working alongside the Willis Affinity team, creating the ability to offer the right insurance solution for any size or complexity of franchise.

Brian Smart, Director General of the BFA, added: “Moreland is now a brand well regarded in the industry and that is largely a result of the unwavering commitment by Maurice to pursue excellence in the services he provides to ethical franchising.”

“Insurance is an area of business that we all need to take seriously, whether we like it or not, and it is a great comfort that we are able to find a partner in this field as passionate about franchising as we are,” added Smart.