Extrawurst franchise is introducing its ‘simply better’ German bratwurst brand to the UK

Extrawurst, a leading authentic German bratwurst fast-food to go brand, is launching its franchise concept into the UK. The company has over 30 sites in Germany with more than 10 openings in the pipeline and many in other markets around the world. The business sells over 2.5 million sausages a year and have expanded its concept to a global audience with sites in Asia, South America and Europe.

Extrawurst, founded in 1981 by Lothar Hagebaum and now run by his son Kim, says it prides itself on the quality of its iconic Original German Bratwurst sausages which are supple, meaty, perfectly seasoned and seductively fragrant. The signature menu items are made to an authentic secret recipe under the careful scrutiny and sign off by Extrawursts German master butchery team which creates an unrivalled eating experience.

The UK business has appointed Sam Shutt, a former Debenhams head of retail hospitality operations, as chief executive officer of Extrawurst UK to lead the strategy of opening multiple sites across the UK in the next three years with a master franchise model. The brand will launch with three shop format units in the Birmingham City Centre, Nottingham City Centre, and West Midlands Regional Shopping centre in Q4 2021 which will be operated by the Extrawurst team.

Sam Shutt

Shutt said: “The UK fast-food to go brand market is expected to recover from the pandemic at a faster rate than the total eating out market so there’s an opportunity for an innovative new offer on the high-street which delivers an exciting range of good value quality food.

“As a nation we love sausages, they are the perfect food to eat on the go all through the day, whether as a breakfast snack or a lunchtime meal with a coffee. We are confident our menu will appeal to consumers and entice them to become Bratwurst enthusiasts.

We will be rolling out our franchise model into 2022 which will be a compelling and an affordable option for many with the potential to drive a great return.”

Franchise formats
There will be three Extrawurst franchise formats which will be located in shopping centres, high streets, street food markets, festivals and events.

  • Macro – a counter service shop format with a small seating/standing area perfect for high street and shopping centre locations.
  • Midi – a relocatable container which can be positioned in retail and industrial parks, food markets and events.
  • Micro – a standardised bicycle, e-bike or tuk-tuk for seasonal events and pop up venues.

Christian Leding, managing partner at Extrawurst said: “We are excited to launch our unique, premium and delicious Bratwurst fast-food to go offer to the UK and as we are lucky to have a highly experienced UK partner, we are confident that it will be a success.

“We have over 40-years’ experience building Extrawurst into one of the top five Bratwurst street food concepts in Germany with a proven track record of creating successful franchise partnerships to deliver long term success for our affiliate teams. We are looking forward to welcoming more franchisees into our business and celebrating success.”

Extrawurst adds that British people are huge sausage fans with an average person eating 2,700 sausages in their lifetime. However, most people only experience German bratwurst at Christmas markets or abroad so there is an opportunity to bring the flavours of Germany to more people all year round. The menu will consist of a choice of pork Bratwurst sausage in a bun, a range of famous Currywurst options, as well as Frikadelle and Schnitzel options all served with a choice of sauce toppings, sides and spices. It will also be a introducing a vegan Bratwurst to the UK market.

Artisan coffee roasters
Delivering a premium quality coffee to customer perception, Extrawurst has partnered with local artisan coffee roasters, Rounton Coffee Roasters. Its Fairtrade coffee is sourced from Brazil with 100 per cent Arabica beans and freshly roasted in small batches exclusively for Extrawurst

Dave Beattie, founder of the company said: “We are so pleased to have been selected to work alongside Extrawurst as the iconic Bratwust brand enters into the UK market. Working together, we know that we can offer an unparalleled product and service that stretches all across the UK. It is exciting for us to be part of such a great journey.”

For more information on location or franchise opportunities visit www.extrawurst.co.uk or alternatively email: property@extrawurst.co.uk or franchise@extrawurst.co.uk