BFA and WorkBuzz partnership to support franchisors and replicate best practice

By Emily Price, Chief Operating Officer, BFA

The British Franchise Association (BFA) has secured a partnership with Workbuzz, a business specialising in satisfaction surveys for the franchising industry. This comes at a time where now more than ever listening to customers, adjusting support and measuring culture has never been more important in business.

We feel passionately about the ability to communicate with empathy to build trust, and develop tools needed for the strong leadership required in business today and would love to promote this to impact the wider community.

Successful franchise networks do not happen by accident – they are built on solid foundations, effective training and support and engaged franchisees. With the pandemic and seismic changes, listening to franchisees, adjusting your support and measuring your culture has never been more important. Which is why in 2021, the BFA and WorkBuzz are working closer than ever to support franchisors and replicate best practice.

The partnership will see the BFA add WorkBuzz’s Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark to its existing world leading franchise accreditation process, further extending value and influence to its members. Something we believe is truly imperative in today’s environment.

Initially, franchisors with more than five franchisees will be able to receive a complementary health-check summary from WorkBuzz, following a confidential franchisee satisfaction survey, covering core areas like training and support, leadership and rewards. This will provide the BFA, and the franchisor with a more in-depth overview of the network satisfaction and allowing a partnership approach to improve this over time. Based on the feedback, franchisors will also be eligible and can choose to enter WorkBuzz’s Best Franchise Awards.

Over-time, the BFA and WorkBuzz will use feedback from across the industry, in a way which doesn’t identify individual franchisees, to monitor emerging trends, highlight best practice and further raise the profile of franchising.

Steven Frost, CEO of WorkBuzz said: “We’re excited to partner exclusively with the BFA. By embedding our Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark survey into the accreditation process, we’ll help more franchisors to benchmark their training and support, and provide industry-wide insights, ultimately making UK franchising even stronger.”

Pip Wilkins

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the BFA said: “Self-regulation means the association has a huge responsibility to ensure the UK franchise industry environment maintains a strong reputation and the ability to continue to grow. We are very pleased to be adding value to franchisors which will mean franchising standards really are driven from grassroots to the franchisor.”

If you are already a BFA member and want to find out more you can do so by contacting to get an up-to-date review underway.

If you are not a member but are keen to find out more please do contact us at or by contacting 01235 820 470.

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