Retired police officer’s roadmap to success with Dream Doors

Jon and Hilary Brown

Husband and wife team Jon and Hilary Brown, a retired police officer and dental hygienist respectively, found their roadmap to business success by joining the kitchen makeover company, Dream Doors.

The couple who launched their kitchen showroom in West Nottingham after Jon retired from his role with Leicestershire Police, share their experience, as Jon explains: “I’m very lucky to have achieved everything I wanted to achieve in the service and I was able to retire after serving for 30 years.

“But the simple fact was that at 48 years old I was too young not to do something else. I had always done a lot of building renovation work in the past and I knew when I was retiring that was what I was going to do in my next role.

“I wanted to run a business where the offering was unique, and I kept coming back to this core idea of kitchen refurbishment work.

“Hilary and I spent a lot of time looking at different franchises but we chose Dream Doors for the reason that you don’t buy into a business’s immediate success; you buy a roadmap and the tools you need to get you there.

“I felt Dream Doors offered the best roadmap and that was very appealing. Hilary and I wanted to do something for ourselves and we wanted to build a business that was financially successful. We’re not just selling kitchens; we’re solving kitchen problems.”

Hilary, who was a dental hygienist for 30 years before joining the franchise, said: “For me joining Dream Doors helped us to get the home/work balance right. We’ve been following the business model religiously and we’ve really reaped the rewards of that.”

Dream Doors replaces kitchen doors, drawers and worktops to breathe new life into tired kitchens, as well as offering full kitchen refits. The company is currently looking to recruit further franchisees for its remaining UK territories. 02392 604630