Meet Camile Thai Kitchen, the fastest growing Thai restaurant brand in the UK and Ireland

Camile Thai Kitchen are a chain of healthy Thai restaurants and home delivery outlets, serving delicious healthy Thai food, sustainably produced.

With over 32 locations and counting, Camile is rapidly growing its sustainable and healthy business online and offline. It now aims to continue to leverage that experience and knowledge further across London and the South of England.

Camile has created an innovative food product that is perfectly tailored to holding its heat and quality during delivery, developed through over 10 years of research in the food delivery space. Each touchpoint of the customer’s journey is closely considered to create a world-class guest experience that leads the casual restaurant industry.

As a modern brand, Camile realises the environment we live in has finite resources and we must collectively take better care of them. Sustainability is key to Camile in 2020, and carves the path for where the company is going in the next decade.

Compostable packaging
Camile was the first takeaway restaurant chain in Europe to introduce compostable packaging, and features a low climate impact vegan menu, water-regulating Wok stations, and a number of new initiatives rolling out this year.

Since opening its first location in 2010, the business has expanded to 32 locations through a combination of company-owned and franchised restaurants. Expansion in London currently has been through six company-owned locations and one franchised unit.

The Camile franchising system has been well developed in Ireland and remains at the core of what they do, with single unit and multi-unit franchisees growing their businesses at a steady rate.

Camile franchise owner Rakesh Galaprishnan was working as a manager in the Camile Tooting Bec, London, location when he saw first hand the potential of running his own Camile Thai business. “It’s been an extremely busy first years.” said Rakesh. “With the support and guidance of the Camile Thai team, I feel well-equipped to continue my journey as a business owner.”

In late 2018, Rakesh took the keys to his first restaurant, and has since racked up high double digit like-for-like sales, strong gross profits and a dedicated restaurant team to deliver an amazing guest experience.

Food delivery market
On a broader scale, the food delivery market has exploded in the last five years, experiencing a 50 per cent growth over that time period. With food delivery set to exceed $164bn in the next four years, Camile is well positioned to take advantage of this trend.

They have built a custom online ordering system and native application from scratch to ensure ease of at home ordering and better data mining of their guests.

The branches run their own driver fleet, while also maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with industry leading aggregators. This two-tiered approach to delivery gives them a significant advantage over their competitors.

While market opportunity and timing are two elements to success, the importance of being a brand leader in a competitive market shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Camile Thai brand is a market leader, uniquely positioned as a sustainable, healthy Thai food outlet, providing calorie counts on all dishes and catering to diets of gluten free, dairy free and vegan customers.

With over 7,000 people attending Camile Thai’s free ‘Yoga in the Park’ events in 2019, their customer base is well established as health conscious, time-poor, and frequently engaged in online shopping.

At Camile Thai, prospective franchisees will find the opportunity to join a unique thriving food delivery brand with solid support in a booming market, and incredible opportunity for growth.