Stability and adaptability helps bring surety for Ovenu franchisees – 25 years on

Rik Hellewell addresses delegates at Ovenu’s annual conference.

In a rapidly and regularly changing business environment, stability and adaptability are just two of the major factors that have seen Ovenu, one of the UK’s favourite oven cleaning specialists, reach the notable milestone of 25 years trading earlier this year.

Ovenu is still managed today by its owner and founder Rik Hellewell, who ran an Ovenu territory himself for five years, putting together a robust pilot scheme. The principles used then are still implemented as the foundation of its profit and loss forecasts presented to prospective franchisees.

Hellewell explains: “Much of the advice coming from the franchise sector 25 years ago suggested that pilot schemes could be run for significantly shorter periods of perhaps a year or so, but I didn’t feel this was anywhere near long enough to demonstrate sustainability or longevity.

“I wanted to rely on 100 per cent accurate data to share with prospect franchisees, hence the five year harvesting of information.

“Our franchisees have always benefitted from our ability as a brand to move with the times and stay well ahead of any competitive activity. It didn’t take us long to establish an extremely robust internet presence along with associated e-commerce activity.

“Our strong, positive cash-flow has enabled us to retain various experts in their respective fields for all of our marketing, and this strategy has paved the way for many franchisees to generate significant turnover and profit.

“In more recent times we’ve widened our visibility and further enhanced our market standing by using some of the viable social media platforms.”

Client reviews and testimonials
Hellewell continued: “Our reputation in the eyes of consumers is sky-high with over 23,000 reviews and testimonials from delighted clients who have used our service and have been sufficiently impressed to comment.

“Whenever things change in the business environment we’re able to act quickly and positively. Our franchisees like our style (to the main part) and that is possibly why our retention rates are so high. We currently work with well over 60 franchisees who are now into either their third or even fourth five-year term, and that in my book speaks volumes!

“We’ll continue way into the future to offer the very best training and ongoing support to all of our current and future franchisees. We’ll maintain our extremely high moral and ethical standards within the franchise sector, and strive to maintain the gulf of superior quality, value and service to our ever-growing client database in the UK and further afield.”

There are now approaching 150 franchisees trading under the Ovenu brand across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and this figure is set to rise substantially over the coming years.

To learn more about Ovenu and view video testimonials from its franchisees, visit, or for territory availability call Hellewell on 01189 743 911.