MF Pilates franchise launch by Matt Fiddes

The fitness and martial arts brand, Matt Fiddes, has announced the launch of a new franchise MF Pilates, with Megan Barton Hanson as its celebrity ambassador.

Adding to a portfolio of over 1,000 successful training schools in the UK and overseas, the company explains that Matt Fiddes is using his award winning formula to offer Pilates’ instructors an opportunity to become part of the MF brand.

Under a franchise deal, the company will offer advice workshops, branding and marketing that will provide a support system to help instructors establish and grow their own dedicated MF Pilates classes.

The founder, Matt Fiddes, said: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of MF Pilates and extend our experience and knowledge to Pilates instructors everywhere. We look forward to helping instructors nationwide achieve their dreams of owning and running their very own classes, and aim to open 100 dedicated classes by 2020.”

MF Pilates says its classes offer mindful body workouts to promote muscle tone, strength and flexibility, which practiced regularly supports good posture and improves fitness.