Perk of the Job – online staff training and development

Perk of the Job is a new way for businesses to train and develop their staff – our clients range from businesses in the UK and overseas. Being trained and developed is the number one ‘Perk’ that people want in their job BUT … there are two main barriers to training and development: No TIME and no BUDGET!

We provide online learning where delegates can choose a personal or business development topic to learn. They read it, learn it and finish that topic completely in around 15/20 minutes – TRULY BITE-SIZE.

Clever information technology logs the learning for each delegate, giving business clients their own quasi Learning Management System. Delegates complete their own personal action plans during the learning to make sure that what they have learnt is built back into the business.

Business client subscriptions start from only £200 per month (that’s per business, NOT per delegate), so only 20 clients should produce an annual gross profit of £48,000 (£200 per month x 12 months x 20 clients = £48,000).

Total investment cost (excluding VAT): £9,950
Personal investment level (before bank funding, etc): £5,000