Magazine: April/May 2017

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Featured news and articles

Front cover feature – C2 Safety
An award-winning company, C2 Safety, is recruiting franchisees to join its network of health and safety advisors and says that it is the first company in its field in the UK to launch as a franchise.

Scottish Franchise Week
This year’s Scottish Franchise Week, will be on 24th-28th April in Glasgow. Josh Littlejohn, chief executive and co-founder of Social Bite, is the keynote speaker who will be inspiring current and prospective franchisors and franchisees at the event.

Veeno offers a taste of the Italian lifestyle
Veeno, the Italian wine café is aiming to create the first network of wine cafés across the UK and is looking for franchisees to join its system.

Young designer’s dream comes true with in-toto
Tom Plant, a young kitchen designer, has joined in-toto through the company’s management buy-out scheme, which will enable him to own his own store.

It’s a family affair at Crolla’s
The Crolla family, that has been making traditional Italian ice cream in Glasgow for four generations, is to grow its Crolla’s Gelateria brand through franchising.

Recruiting franchisees: how to find a ‘good egg’
Julie Taylor, of Franchise Resales, talks about the importance of ensuring your business model is ready when you start your selection process, to ensure that the right franchisee is recruited.

Managing digital risks
Maurice Logie, of Moreland Insurance Brokers, talks about the risks to business of IT failure and cybercrime. According to research 42% experience external hacking attacks and 27% system glitches, so companies should have an insurance ‘safety net’ in place to reduce risk.

Improve your rankings
Jenny Mugridge of Mayfly Internet Marketing, talks about using your locality to increase your search results online, as 46% of all searches on Google are for local services.

Consumer protection law’s impact on franchising
Mark Abell and Dr Jiri Jaeger of Bird & Bird, discuss the consumer protection law, which could see franchisees treated as consumers and thus offering them greater protection and rights.

Where do you start to look for a franchise?
Carl Reader of d&t, talks about the route to finding a franchise and gives a shortlist of three options to assist the potential franchisee.

Franchisor of the Year finalists
Seventeen finalists for the five categories in the BFA/HSBC Franchisor of the Year awards have been announced. The awards will be presented on 28th June in Birmingham.

Wish you were here!
Chris Gibson of FFS Brands, talks about franchising internationally and finding the right location, which could be an emerging region or hidden gem for the franchisor’s brand.

Trio of Costa outlets
A family-run business, Sim Trava, is adding a further three Costa Coffee stores to its existing portfolio of 26 outlets.

A new Code of Ethics – but how much is actually new?
Gordon Drakes and Tim Rickard, of Fieldfisher, discuss the first update for 13 years of the new European Code of Ethics for Franchising, which is be interpreted and adopted into the Code of Ethic’s of the national associations of the European Franchise Federation.

Challenges of finding an retaining key talent
Brian Duckett, of The Franchising Centre, discusses how a franchisor needs a good selection process for recruiting franchisees and staff, especially as the average overall cost of recruiting a new employee is £30,614.

If the franchise relationship ends try to make it amicable
Nicola Broadhurst, of Stevens & Bolton, explains the steps that a franchisor and franchisee need to take to protect their interests should there be a break-up.