The Beat Theory Fitness franchise offers sharper workouts

Riccardo Scala, an ex-professional footballer, has launched Beat Theory Fitness in the UK and is looking for franchisees to join the company following the success of its two studios in Scotland at Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The franchise offers personal training sessions in a group setting and the workouts are based on the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) theory, which keeps your heart beating, pulsing, pumping and burning fat after the workout has finished.

Scala who has been in the fitness sector for over 17 years, explained: “The way people want to workout is changing forever. When you look at the top 20 fitness trends last year, number one was wearable technology, two was body weight training and three was high intensity interval training. Personal training and group training was in the top 10, so Beat Theory Fitness ticks every box.

Riccardo Scala

“I first came across this concept when working in the U.S. as a personal trainer in California. The sessions are designed to give clients a fun and effective workout, irrespective of age or ability, as a personal trainer will help them to work to their own goals at their own pace.

“The sessions combine cardiovascular intervals with strength training to ensure that clients see the results they want. They will be provided with heart rate monitors, allowing us to track the intensity that they are working at throughout the session, ultimately maximizing metabolic burn and letting them know exactly what they have achieved during their workout.”

The company says that increasingly fitness-conscious people want shorter, sharper workout sessions with more proven and targeted results. Typically, a Beat Theory Fitness studio has 10 to 12 group sessions per day, all with a specialist personal trainer, so any time of day a client wants to workout, there is a session they can attend.

Scala continues: “People just don’t have the one to two hours a day to go to the gym anymore, but everyone still wants the results. We are not competing with gyms, as this concept is completely different, basically we are looking to shake up the industry and bring working out into the 21st century.”

The company says that franchisees will enjoy low overheads, low fixed expenses, a compact and attractive studio space and first-class support and training from industry experts. A typical studio is equipped with treadmills, rowing machines and suspension unit systems (10 of each) plus a host of weights and benches.

Franchisees will be given assistance with everything from identifying suitable locations and premises, to training and ongoing operational, business and marketing support.

For further information, call 07585 709 136 or email